Our Team

In order to face all the challenges of our mission, we have built a united and hardworking group. We are a multidisciplinary team of young and proficient professionals who are passionate about our vision, helping each other and adapting to all situations.

Er. Shreya Jain

CEO & Founder

Shreya Jain is the Founder and CEO of Acentric Biotech & Research Laboratory, an innovative Biotechnology research based company setup in Mohali (Chandigarh). Her mission is to provide a unique learning experience in a real-life environment, which enables the candidates to master the skills to work and excel in their sphere of activity.

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Mr. Sudhir Jain

Investor & Advisory

Er. Aman Jain

Co-founder & Managing Director

Mrs. Priyanka Kharangarh

Research Associate- I

Dr. Pooja Bhatt

Senior Research Associate

Mr. Ayush Sood

Forensic Scientist

Mr. Mohit Kharpa

Sales & Marketing Executive


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"The industry's best and brightest people are currently part of the Acentric Biotech team — all working toward tomorrow's breakthrough Biotechnology"