Mr. Mohit Kharpa

Mr. Mohit Kharpa

Sales & Marketing Executive

Mohit earned his bachelor’s from Guru Nanak Institute of Management, Ambala (KUK Approved), and is currently finishing his MBA from Chandigarh University, Punjab. During his time at Guru Nanak Institute of Management, Mohit had the opportunity to work with Outlook Private Limited focused on the Relationship Management to maintain ongoing level of engagement with the target audience for revenue generation through sales of magazine.

Throughout his college career, he actively participated in various group activities and fests which creates a stronghold in his management and organizational skills and he has been a part of Vivel's "Empower the women" campaign. He also lead several group projects to analyze the involvement of a particular section of consumer with respect to consumer segmentation.Moreover, he has a strong hold on market and customer analysis, an understanding of human relations and preservation of cordial relationship between the organization and the customer.

Being active learner, he has joined National Jal Jeevan Mission organized by Key Resource Center (KRC) Green Earth - Organization for Environment, Health, Safely & Sanitation, Kurukshetra in coordination of Water & Sanitation Support Organization, Panchkula.Mohit passionately follow his career. He has since worked in sales and marketing for several years and has extensive experience developing long-term digital marketing strategy, optimizing performance and improving bottom line results for B2C and B2B companies.

When Mohit decided to pursue a Marketing degree, he started looking for jobs that would help him gain relevant experience. When he found Acentric Biotech & Research Laboratory, it seemed like the perfect place to apply his Sales & Marketing experience while also gaining skills in other areas of Sales & Marketing.

Here at Acentric Biotech & Research Laboratory, Mohit works with the digital team to create and manage digital campaigns that exceed client expectations. By combining creative marketing and data insights, he works to generate the best results for his clients. Mohit also has a strong background in client-facing roles and content creation.

Mohit oversees various viral automotive marketing activities, conducts in-depth marketing reviews and brand analysis projects too. He co-ordinates marketing campaigns which can include anything from social media advertising to direct mail, e-shots to branded giveaway’s.He's always on hand to give advice on how to grow your business or how to use various marketing tools and platforms. He is currently working on several effective Sales Marketing strategies with Acentric Biotech & Research Laboratory and looking forward to continuing to grow with the company.

Fun Facts:

  • He loves to travel and is an environment freak.
  • He has a tendency to be an entertaining person.
  • He can enlighten anyone's mood with his humour.
  • He has a love for songs of Kishor Kumar.