Priyanka Kharangarh

Priyanka Kharangarh

Research Associate-I

Priyanka holds an Integrated Master’s Degree in Biotechnology from Kurushetra University, Haryana in 2015. Throughout her college careers, Priyanka has been dedicated to understanding and learning with people from all walks of life, making a career in Biotechnology a perfect fit. With a bachelors in Biotechnology, Priyanka has pursued a path of continuous learning and sharing of knowledge by interning at the Kurushetra University as a Microbiologist to gain insights of Microbial world.

She has always had a strong passion for teaching and for helping people which is what led her to gain leadership, responsibility, patience and creativity working with children.Priyanka has over 2 years of industry experience, working at companies including MDC Pharmaceutical Ltd. and Alliance Formulations. While working with Industry she possess valuable skills because of significant roles, which has included Quality Control Microbiologist and Quality Chemist.

When Priyanka decided to pursue a Biotechnology degree, she started looking for jobs that would help her gain relevant experience. When she found Acentric Biotech & Research Laboratory, it seemed like the perfect place to apply her Microbiology and Pharmaceutical experience while also gaining skills in other areas of Biotechnology. Here at Acentric Biotech & Research Laboratory, Priyanka leads training development and project feasibility activities. She is also responsible to make and record observations, performs calculations and assist in developing experimental design and test plans and assist in developing, writing and updating, laboratory SOP’s and approved procedures and keeps Priniciple Investigator informed of work status and provide technical support to R&D for new product development.

Her core fields are Medical and Clinical Microbiology, Cell & Molecular Biology, Food Technology, Green Biotechnology and many more. Her main project research interest has been Fermentation Technology, with a focus on Alcohol Production, Animal Feed and Single Cell Protein. She had supervised more than 300 students for training in various fields of Biotechnology such as Environmental Science, Enzyme Technology, Immunology and Plant Tissue Culture. She is currently working on several Biotechnology training fields with Acentric Biotech & Research Laboratory and looking forward to continuing to grow with the company.

Fun Facts:

  • In her spare time, Priyanka likes to spend quality time with her near and dear ones.
  • Passionate about creativity and dancing.
  • She has a fond of collecting memories.
  • She loves drawing and painting