Dr. Pooja Bhatt

Dr. Pooja Bhatt

Senior Research Associate

Ayush Sood is academically and industrious professional actively heading Biotechnology & Life Science Department of Acentric Biotech & Research Laboratory, holding post of Senior Research Associate,where she is largely responsible for leading Biotechnology & Life Science research training and projects operations.

Dr. Pooja has more than 12 years of academic and industry experience, working as Assitant Professor at handigarh College of Hospitality, Chandigarh Group of Colleges, Landran

She worked as Nutritionist Host at Cookery show, Zee Punjabi and also have Community Innovator Fellowship, Atal Innovation Mission, NITI Aayog.

Dr. Pooja worked on several research projects such as Optimization of nutritional composition, bioactive compounds and antioxidant activity in broccoli (Brassica oleracea) microgreens using alternate drying techniques and Augmentation of mineral content, antioxidant activity and bioactive compounds using different drying techniques in broccoli (Brassica oleracea) microgreen sprinkler

Dr. Pooja have organised many seminar,camps and workshops in the area of Nutrition and Dietetics and also delivered many lectures as a Resource person in Universities,colleges, schools and village

Dr. Pooja research studies won ample of award at International Conferences and also a Life member of IDA

She is currently working on several Biotechnology & Life Science projects with Acentric Biotech & Research Laboratory and is looking forward to wearing many hats as his time with the company grows.