2 hrs: Total 5 experiments

One Day Certificate program

Beginner Level: In this level, you have to choose any 5 experiments of your choice from the below mentioned fields.

2 hrs: Total 5 experiments

(BL-1) Food Technology: 3 experiments

  • i. Determination of fruit content in juices.
  • ii. Determination of caffeine content in coffee powder.
  • iii. Determination of soluble solids in semi-thick and thick food products using Refract meter.

(BL-2) Microbiology: 3 experiments

  • i. Microbial assessment of milk sample using MBRT.
  • ii. Examination of bacterial flagellation by Ryu’s method.
  • iii. Microscopic examination of yeast cell viability.

(BL-3) Molecular Biology: 3 experiments

  • i. Isolation of genomic DNA from Onion/Banana
  • ii. RNA isolation from various tissues of the plant species
  • iii. Qualitative estimation of extracted genomic DNA

(BL-4) Green Biotechnology: 3 experiments

  • i. Screening of primary & secondary metabolites present in organic tea.
  • ii. To determine the buffering capacity of plant sap.
  • iii. To demonstrate the presence of starch histochemically.

(BL-5) Immunology: 3 experiments

  • i. A study of rapid Leishman’s stain on peripheral blood smear.
  • ii. Investigation of RBC’s under varying extracellular tonicity.
  • iii. Analysis of Blood Typing-ABO group & Rh Type.

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